Monday, November 2, 2015

No Excuse November

I'm baaaa-aaaack!

Back to blogging, back from vacation, and back on the healthy eating train.

I got back from my vacation on Thursday, and after a week of poor eating (or rather, deliciously decadent eating), but with tons of walking and a 5k on Castaway Cay (Seriously. My phone's pedometer was going nuts every day!). I call that pretty even. Plus, for breakfast two of the five mornings of vacation I had oatmeal.

Successfully completing the Castaway Cay 5k
It was a very active vacation. When we were in Grand Cayman, we snorkeled. I'm not a strong swimmer, so I had to practice breathing through my snorkel in the shallow end before I ventured over to the deep end. It was about ten feet deep, but once I got going, It was pretty incredible. Lisa (on the right in the picture) even got to pet THREE turtles who just swam up to her! But after swimming all morning, I was pretty ravenous at dinner. And that was Pirate night, so food was super delicious.

Pearls of the Caribbean:
Crabmeat, Shrimp, and Salmon mixed in Pearls of Couscous
with a Lemon Grass Infused Vinaigrette

Jerk Chicken Salad, which I'd already started eating before taking a picture.
Jerk Seasoned Chicken Strips over fresh crispy greens
with Citrus Dressing and Plantain Chips

Jack Sparrow's BBQ Marinated Beef Short Ribs
Rubbed Beef Short Ribs with Tamarind-Barbecue Sauce served
with Onion Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes and Plantain Chip

Sweet Temptations
A Trio of Bounty Fruit Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, and Coconut Cream Treasure
Worth it? Absolutely. I'm not one for replacing calories burned with food (unless you really worked hard and need to replenish), but I definitely think I deserved this meal. I loved all of it (Except the Coconut Cream Treasure. It was a little bland).

But now that vacation is over, and it's November, time to go back, remember how tired I'm feeling because of lack of quality, nutrient dense food, and water the last couple weeks, and I know that to get through these next two months of holidays, I need to take care of myself with adequate sleep, food, and exercise.

That's why I'm implementing No Excuse November. I am making a goal to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, track all of my food, and get more fruits and veggies in.

I'm even considering giving Diet Bet another go. Just a quick 4 Week Kickstart to get my butt in gear for the holidays. If I succeed, I get my $25 back. I hate losing money.

  • What tips and tricks do you use to jump-start your weight loss?
  • Have you used Diet Bet?
  • What's your favorite Fun Run?

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