Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Eat Together Again: Welcome to the Billion Family Dinners Challenge!

Did you know that eating too quickly is bad for your waistline? Eating slowly helps your brain send signals to your stomach to say it's full. You know what helps you slow down? Eating with other people.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents had us sit down to dinner every night, in the kitchen, at the table. My sister and I would set the table, using our favorite cups, giving our parents the bigger forks, and we'd take the little forks (with the flowers on them!). Kiri would have her Care Bears plate, and I'd have my Peter Rabbit. I remember each meal being relatively balanced. I'd have to drink a cup of milk every night (which I was never terribly fond of. I don't remember the last time I drank a glass of milk that wasn't chocolate!), and in order to leave the table, I had to finish it. Usually sitting on my mom's lap (I was under the age of six).

Since we moved to our new tiny house last year, we're not really able to eat at a table anymore. It's usually in front of the TV. Our dining room is small with barely enough room to put our table out to its smallest setting. I fully admit that unless we're at a restaurant, we don't really chat over a meal. I'm hoping we can change that a bit.

My family is full of four great conversationalists. These three people make me laugh harder than anyone I know. I legitimately enjoy talking to them about anything and everything. And the reason Lauren and I are so close is because she's the same. People watch all of us talk like we're on a show or something. Once, a congregant from church told my mom that it seems like we have fun at our house.

We do.

Anyway, I'm participating in The Billion Family Dinners Challenge.

From their email:

Change starts at your table.Research has proven that there are significant individual + societal benefits when we reconnect with one another over food. One dinner at a time, we can change the trajectory of society to one that is more inclusive, healthy and rooted in love. You've already taken the first step towards building a better future for your family + society by downloading DinnerCall to participate in the Billion Family Dinners Challenge. So, what's next? 1. Forward this email to 10 people you care about + encourage them to join the movement by downloading the app.2. Log + share your first family dinner by using the DinnerCall app and hashtag #BillionDinners.The more everyone uses the app + shares their experiences, the more we will inspire the world and positively impact society! Whoever your family, whatever your home, let's eat together again. For more information, visit

I am hoping to start logging my meals and sharing anytime I have dinner with more than one other person. I already sometimes post my food, this is one step further. lol.

Anyway, slowing down to enjoy your food and the company you keep is not only good for your body, it's good for your soul. Getting to know the other people takes you out of your headspace, which is extremely healthy.

Please join in, and let's inspire people to share a meal with friends and family!

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