Monday, September 7, 2015

Fail to Plan? Plan to Fail

Going for raw, total honesty here. I should be writing up my next week of the Kelsey Byers 12 Week Skinny Jeans Challenge, but I'm not. Because I didn't do ANY of it last week. I didn't not do a day here or there, I skipped the WHOLE DANG WEEK.

How did that happen? I could say I don't know, but I'd be lying.

It started on Monday, when I decided to go give Plasma downtown for a little extra cash. They tell you to wait two hours before doing anything strenuous, but since I hadn't been there in four years, I had to do the entire process all over again. I went in at 3:30, and got home after 6. I was a little too tired to workout after that.

That's one day.

The next day, I had Worship Team practice right after work for our Women's Day to Grow in a few weeks. Afterward, my family and I went out to Aksarben to join a Viewing Party for SpikeTV's Ink Masters. An Omaha Artist is competing, and it's a good time to hang out and maybe win some prizes. We don't get home until almost 11.

That's two days.

I had no excuse on Wednesday. Thursday, I thought I'd be able to get my new car, but there was some confusion as to the message I received. It was a whole week of crossed wires that was completely and totally stressful. I have my car now, but dang, did it take forever!

Friday, after I got off work, there was more potential car drama, and then we went to our first (and last) baseball game of the season. There's talk of season tickets next year. I hope that happens. I hate not making it until the season is pretty much over!

Saturday, I got the car, and Sunday, I was lazy.

I'm not saying this to vent my frustration with myself. I'm saying all of this to be open and honest with my journey. I'll actually finish week 2 this week (And probably won't win the final contest, but oh well. Knew the job was dangerous when I took it), Hopefully I'll have some amazing recipes for you in the next week. I've discovered Fried Cauliflower Rice, and it's amazing. Labor Day will be spent food prepping for my week, and I'll be getting up extra early in order to get to the gym early on Tuesday and Thursday, when I have post-work obligations.

It's one bad week. If you let it be one bad week, it's not a total set back. Don't let it turn into two bad weeks. Fight for your health, fight for your body, and fight for what's important to you. Being healthy is important to me, but I've been letting things get the better of me. I want to go back to being this person.

Energized and my lowest weight ever
I'll be back next week with a better recap. Hold me accountable.

  • Have you ever let a bad day turn into a bad week?
  • What do you do to get to the gym?


  1. You got it girl, you can never go back and change last week... but you have the power to change next week!!! How did you do this week?

    1. Got up at 5 every work day, except today, because I felt I needed my rest day to be today. I'm much more refreshed because of it. lol. Gonna finish up this week tomorrow. How about you?