Saturday, May 2, 2015

31 Day Squat Challenge

Happy May! Are you staying active? Got goals for the month? I want to be active, and continue to build up my strength and endurance. To help, I've decided to do a Squat Challenge for May.

Why Squats? 

Well, we know that building muscle burns more fat, because it raises your metabolism (more muscle=more fat burning capabilities). But even more, squats help you with everyday activities.

We're constantly told, lift with your legs, not your back. Squats help get you into the position you need to be in order to lift heavy loads. This evening, I was at Menard's with my sister, getting soil for my garden, and those bags are heavy and low to the ground. I had to lift them by myself, as there wasn't anyone else around, but lifting with my legs will definitely help me not to feel sore tomorrow.

The stronger your legs and core are, the more balance and mobility you'll have to live your everyday life. By building your strength via squats, you'll also help your body correctly perform other lower body workouts, like lunges. My balance is terrible, which makes lunges the absolute worst!

Since squatting strengthens your legs and core, it's only natural that it'll also help with other activies you love, such as running, dance, sports. It'll increase your stamina, helping your performance.

I'm reminded of when I was at what I lovingly refer to as "Acting Camp" back in 2005, part of the theatre program I was in during college. We took dance classes every day, and when it came to jumps, there was one classmate who could jump the highest. I don't know if he regularly worked out, but he could jump HIGH. Squatting probably had a hand in it.

The Challenge

So many benefits, so little time. Actually, 31 days are in the challenge. Who wants to join me? I know it's already the second day, but it's not too late! You can do them with weights, without, in a squat rack, with dumbbells, with a band, any which way you want, just so long as you get the reps in every day. Personally, I'm doing them without weights. I feel like I get a deeper stretch this way.

I'm hoping that squatting will help my build strength and stamina in my legs so I can actually finish the 10k trainer. It's a learning process, but I'll get there eventually.

Brought to you by the amazing people at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!

**Most article points came from research I found here. Stories and anecdotes are my own.

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