Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Vi Challenge

So, I've mentioned Visalus here in passing. My sister is on it, and is doing amazing. I rewatched her first challenge video yesterday, and just seeing how she looked back in October, to how much smaller she looks now is awesome. As a family, we've always struggled with obesity, and I'm so proud that she's found something that works for her.

Recently, she's been needing something to give her a kick in the pants again, and reignite the passion she had back in October. Last weekend, she became a Promoter for Vi. I honestly think she's going to do really well as a promoter, because people love to see a great success story, and she's so excited and passionate, that I think people will be drawn to her story.

To help support her, I've signed up for a Balance Kit (1 Bag of shake mix/month), and I've started my own Challenge: To lose 10 lbs. When I lose 10 lbs, a child will get 90 DAYS of Visalus to help him/her lose weight, too.

To help out with my challenge, I'm going to start lifting again, making it a point to work out 3-5 days a week. There are even Challenge groups that meet in the CB/Omaha area that my sis and I are going to start going to. There's another walk at Lake Zorinsky on Saturday. My sister asked if I wanted to go, and I said only if it's not raining. I've tried to make that walk in the rain once. Not again! Besides, We've got Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs that's probably the same size, and so much closer!

Vi has kind of taken over my church. My friends, Terry and Amanda became promoters back in March, and lit a fire under so many people. It'll be awesome to see everyone get healthier.

I was challenged by my sister to lose 10 lbs. Now, I'm challenging YOU to join me and help the kids. Join me at

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