Sunday, January 11, 2015

LiveFit Week One!

LiveFit Week One is complete!


The first two weeks, I actually find comfortably easy. 

I don't usually go four days of working out with three days off, I make the days work for my schedule. This week, I had new client training at work, so I had to work five days instead of my usual four, so I just kind of went when I could. I did double up on workouts on Saturday, but it only took me an hour. The first two weeks of Phase 1 are a great warm up to get you into the gym.


The first day involves using muscles that push things away from you. The second combines muscles that pull things toward you. Leg day is...Leg Day. And Shoulders and Abs finish out the week.

Speaking of abs, I want to talk about them for a second. Jamie states in one of her videos that until you know what kind of abs you have, you won't want to necessarily build the muscles. Especially since diet is what keeps the belly fat at bay.

Weight Lost

I weighed myself last Monday, before I went into my first day of training for work. I was surprised that from the time I weighed myself before I started LiveFit, I lost two pounds. I will weigh myself again tomorrow. I won't post my actual weight (a lady never tells, and it's proper not to ask), but if you want to keep track of what I've lost, there's a Widget for that, on the sidebar. Along with how many doughnuts I've earned from cardio, and how many miles I've gone (but those two might not change until Phase 2).

Weight Lifted

Whenever I start lifting again, I try to keep it easy for the first two weeks. The one time I didn't, I got really sore from lifting where I had been before (10-12 lbs, when I should've been using 5-7 lbs). For most of my upper body work with free weights, I used 7.5, and for cable exercises, I stuck with about 55 lbs. For my legs, I kept it about 50-90 lbs, but while doing squats, my knee was starting to hurt, so next week, I'll probably take it down a notch.

Food and Diet

My diet this week was utter crap. I'm just going to lay it ALL out there for you to see. It started out well enough with eggs and toast on Monday, but then I ate what the caterers brought at work, and just kind of lived life this week. I also had no money to get to the store until Friday, so you do what you do?

My plans this week include egg cups for breakfasts at work, pumpkin protein bars and green protein smoothies for snacks, turkey meatballs with quinoa and salad or steamed beans for lunches. I hope to make my dinners just as clean, but it's probably going to be whatever my family is having. 

So, that's Week One. I encourage you to check out the plan, and let me know what you're thinking, as well. I love this plan, I just hope I can keep focused for once, and finish all three phases!

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